Everyone likes to be invited. You may not like baseball, golf, visiting museums or attending symphonies but how do you feel when someone invites you to join them?  Valued? Accepted? Welcomed?

Thirty plus years ago, November 12, 1986, Dallas, Justin and I woke up for the first time in Burleson, Texas. It was Justin’s 6th Birthday. The church was kind enough to host a get to know you dinner for us that same night and made a point to celebrate Justin’s birth anniversary, but what 6 year old dreams of spending their birthday with a group of adults they don’t even know!  Justin felt alone, sad and somewhat lost.

On his 3rd day of school at Nola Dunn, Cade Cornish invited Justin over to his house for a party.  Justin chose not to attend, but he was thrilled to have been invited. That invitation birthed a friendship with Cade that exists today and began the process of Justin feeling like he belonged in Burleson, Texas.

Who are you inviting to Easter Worship?

Someone in your life circle is longing, yearning, needing an invitation. Someone is lonely, sad and lost. Someone desires to be valued, accepted and welcomed. Someone is ready to be connected to a church where they can get honest about their stuff and not be judged. Someone is looking for a place to belong and be loved. Someone is ready to come home to God and his Church.  Someone is waiting for your invitation.

Who are you inviting to Easter Worship?

They may not say yes the first time. They might not ever accept your invitation, but they will feel valued, accepted and welcomed. A seed will have been planted that God cares and God loves them just as they are.  And in case you haven’t noticed, most people who visit, join and are baptized at Pathway first come because of a personal invitation.

The purpose of Pathway Church is to glorify God by sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ with as many people as we can, and it all begins with an invitation.

Who are you inviting to Easter Worship?


“Connecting people to people and people to God.”

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