Expanding Worship Times

Beginning September 9-10

Saturday 6:00pm

Sunday 8:15, 9:00, 10:25 & 11:50am

Before our sons started coming into the world, Dallas and I began asking God to expand our capacity to love.  We have continued that prayer for 38 years and counting. “God, expand our hearts, patience, flexibility, wisdom, awareness of others, generosity and readiness to meet needs so we can make room for our ever growing family. Expand our capacity to love.”

That prayer has been especially relevant in the past two years.  Jacob and Summer lived with us for 6 months while their house was built; Justin and Lara got married last October; James and Corinne tied the knot July 29th; Jacob and Summer will give birth to our first grandchild in less than two months. They have also asked us to dog sit Chloe, one of their three dogs, for six weeks while they adjust to being parents.

“Expand our capacity to love God, even Chloe! Thank you for our ever growing family and help us to love them when, where and how they need it most.”

I am praying that same prayer for our ever growing church family.  We are being blessed with the opportunity to connect hundreds of new families with the love and grace of Jesus.  The worship gatherings overflow as does the areas where children gather in small groups.

For the past 12 months, your session has been leading the way to expand our capacity to love those God is bringing into our church family. Our next 20 year vision, see Pathway 2.0 blog, was born in that period and 5 strategic teams were launched as our first steps toward the greater vision.

1) Create a clear next steps pathway for spiritual development and growth

2) Upgrade our data infrastructure and operating systems

3)  Create a clear staff and laity leadership development pathway

4) Expand weekend worship and children’s capacity

5) Rethink our Student Ministry strategy

Execution of the plans for expanding weekend services and rethinking student ministries will begin September 9-10.  We are modifying the Sunday Morning Arc schedule so we can add another worship and children’s small group time.  Family Ministry will soon communicate to parents what exciting changes to expect in student programming.

New birth is both exciting and disruptive.  When a child is born the schedule and dynamics for the entire family is turned upside down. Adjustments are required. Mom and dad lose sleep.  For a while meal time is unpredictable. Other children get less attention.  Clothes, bathrooms, bedrooms and sometime beds are shared. There are more clothes to wash, groceries to buy and bills to pay.  Husbands and wives have to schedule adult connection time.  Making space and providing for a growing family requires expanding the capacity to love.

I never cease to be amazed at the miracle of new life when a baby is born. I never cease to be moved to the core of my being when someone experiences New Life in Jesus. Expanding our capacity to love is always worth the required adjustments.

Pray for God to expand our capacity to love. Pray for God to open your eyes to those who are waiting for an invitation to become a part of our Pathway Church family.  Pray for God to reveal your spiritual giftedness and how God wants to use your giftedness to serve.  Pray for God to expand our capacity to love.

For the next 4 weeks, I would like your family to make time every day to jointly pray for our growing Church family by reciting this prayer:

“God, expand our hearts, patience, flexibility, wisdom, awareness of those around us, generosity and readiness to serve so we can make room for our ever growing church family. Expand our capacity to love. In Jesus name, amen.”


I am praying for you. Please pray for me. See you this weekend in worship.



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