Our Fine Arts Academy is a great place for people of all ages to come and receive musical instruction in the areas of guitar, piano, and voice. The instruction is given on a private, one-on-one basis and these appointments are set up anytime throughout the week. We have two performing opportunities, one in the spring and one in the fall, for all of our students to showcase what they have been working on. Also, if you have any interest in being a part of the musical team at Pathway, this is a great place to receive instruction from some of the members of our worship team to help acclimate you to where you need to be.


We have highly qualified, degreed musicians teaching multiple instruments and voice for the Academy.


Performance Recitals are held twice a year. All students are invited to participate in the performance recitals. Recitals are a fun and rewarding way to see the accomplishments and progress of our students. Family and friends are encouraged to attend these performances.


Sign up today! If there is a reason you cannot pay online, come by the church and we will be happy to work together to make it happen.

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The Fine Arts Academy offers the finest instruction in the following areas: Bass, Guitar, Piano and Voice.

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FAA has several different plans to choose from. The plans below are for a single student. For more plan options please contact the Pathway Fine Arts Academy assistant.

Plan A – 30min – $ 258.00 per Quarter ($23 per lesson x 11 lessons + $5 one time Admin Fee)
Plan B – 45min – $ 384.50 per Quarter ($34.5 per lesson x 11 lessons + $5 one time Admin Fee)
Plan C – 60min – $ 511.00 per Quarter ($46 per lesson x 11 lessons +$5 one time Admin Fee)


If you need any extra information or would like to contact the Fine Arts Academy, please fill out a contact form below or give us a call at 817-295-5832.