What are your spiritual gifts?

If you are unaware of your spiritual gifts, heart passions or personality traits, we offer a spiritual gifts assessment free of charge courtesy of Pathway Church! This assessment can assist you in determining where to serve with your spiritual gifts.

The assessment contains 5 sections and normally takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Your results will be sent to our Place Coaching team. It is vital that you include all demographic information (i.e. name, contact information, etc.) as well as complete all sections of the assessment. Your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than to identify who you are.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Adults: Spiritual Gifts Assessment

In the area labeled “Activation Code” enter this code: PathwayPlace

Students: Spiritual Gifts Assessment

In the area labeled “Activation Code” enter this code: pathwaystudents

(If you have trouble after you enter the code once, please contact Angela at 817-295-5832 or angela@pathway.church for assistance. Re-entering the code will cause us to be charged for a second assessment.)

Be sure to answer all the questions and complete all the assessment sections.

When you’re done, click “FINISHED” after the final Section. You will be able to print out your results when finished. Then your next steps will be one of the following:

– Quick Connect at the Serve tables in the Crossing
– Go deeper with 3-Week Spiritual Gifts and Personality Class Registration coming soon.
– Request Individual Meeting with PLACE Coach

NOTE: Before clicking the appropriate button, make note of the Activation Code you’ll be required to enter:

Adults: PathwayPlace

Students: pathwaystudents