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Sunday Small Groups/Sunday School

From 8:00a to 9:30a

PARENTS IN PRAYER  A small group for parents of school age children to come together and share prayer requests with one another. Meet at South Campus in small conference room. Contact Jenny Harvey at janddharvey27@yahoo.com.

From 9:30a to 10:25a

SEEKERS  A small group for all ages, genders, singles or couples of all types. We study the Bible in an open discussion format. Meet in the new office building next door to Care Ministries. Contact Daryl or Susan Johnson at 817.297.2492 or hurshi@gmail.com.

LEARNERS  A small group for ages 50+, single and married couples welcome. Teacher guided study and group discussion of the Bible. Encounter Series Workbook is $6 (optional). Meet in Room 109. Contact Larry George at 682.225.0947 or larry@larrygeorge.net.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS A small group for ages 50+ seniors, retiree’s, singles and married couples welcome. Informal, read and discuss the lesson in the class with the group. Encounter Series Workbook is $6 (optional). Meet in Room 107. Contact Evelyn Ahlsted at 817.295.5308 or b.ahlsted605@att.net.

TOPICAL A small group for age 40+ people, single and married couples welcome. Not for new believers, non-traditional discussions and class input with Q & A. Contemporary and Traditional. Meet at Care Ministries in large conference room. Contact Jerry Wood: jerrylwood1212@att.net.

WOMEN OF WORTH A small group for all ages to join. Our studies vary from a book in the Bible, to a topical approach. Meet in Portable Building #4. Contact Linda Fuhlendorf at 817.932.0008 or Ifuhl@sbcglobal.net

From 10:25a to 11:30a

BRIAN RHOADES A small group for married couples. Meet at Care Ministries in large conference room. Contact Brian Rhoades at brhoades@aggienetwork.com. MEET THE 1ST & 3RD SUNDAY

DISCOVERY A small group for adults of all ages, both singles and couples are welcome. Meet in Room 109 ​to study Biblical text, focusing on the historical setting, what God’s Word is saying, and how that applies to us today. Contact Mike Noble at ctamjn@gmail.com or 817-996-4311 or Suzanne Noble at suznoble51@gmail.com or 817-996-5713.


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