Lent 2017

I was asked to share again the acronym for Lent we used to start our Ash Wednesday prayer service. I hope the acronym and the Forty Ideas for the Forty days of Lent enhance and deepens your own 2017 Lent experience.

L – Leave Something Behind

E – Eliminate Guilt

N – New Habits

T – Today is the Day of Salvation

21. Ask yourself, is there any sin or habit that is getting in the way of me loving God and my neighbor as myself? If so, how will I address that habit or sin between today and Easter?
22. Ask yourself, who do I know who would benefit from hearing my faith story? Create some time and space for the opportunity to share.
23. Journal 40 different characteristics of Who God is and meditate on one a day.
24. Journal 40 different affirmations of who God says “you” are and repeat each affirmation off and on all day long.
25. Create a reading schedule and read through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John by Easter.
26. Begin working through the 12 Steps of recovery, lingering as long as you need to on each step.
27. Begin every morning listening for God to speak as you read our daily scripture reading. Listen for God to point out a single word for you to meditate on all day long. Record in your journal.
28. Daily take a photo of a blessing in your life and post on Instagram with a short bible verse.
29. Daily write and mail a short thank you note to someone whom God has used to bless your life.
30. Find 40 things in your closets that you still value and give to different people you think might value them more.
31. If your physical health and doctor permits, one day a week, fast from solid food. When you get hungry read scripture, research about world hunger and or pray for the poor.
32. Visit with your young children about giving all of their Tooth Fairy money, or birthday gifts or allowance to a worthy charitable cause.
33. Fast from using your debit card to enhance your awareness of your wasteful spending habits.
34. Fast from using your debit or credit card and only keep two dollars in your wallet, which is the way millions of families in the world live every day.
35. Fast from any food or beverage that you typically “desire.” When the “desire” kicks in, quote and or write down the memory verse from our Soul Desires series. Matthew 16:24-25
36. Call, not text or email, someone different everyday just to check on them and ask how you can be praying with them.
37. Before praying and eating your evening family meal, invite everyone to share an adjective that describes their day and who God is to them.
38. Every day pray for a different world leader.
39. Ask yourself and journal daily, from what do I need to repent.
40. Begin praying for and inviting who you know will benefit from joining us for Easter Worship.


I am praying for you. Please pray for me.

– Rick

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