One of the joys of serving as a pastor in the same place for an extended period of time, is watching girls and boys become women and men, new believers become faithful servants of the Lord. My soul overflowed with joy Easter 2016 as many tasted the sweet fruit born… MORE

What is going on? I showed up a little early Sunday Morning because of it being Time Change Weekend and the beginning of Spring Break. Losing an hour of sleep and lighter crowds gathering for Sunday worship usually mean an energy drain for the valiant servants and faithful worshipers who… MORE

“Pastor, I know it’s the season of Lent and I am supposed to draw closer to Jesus but I’m spiritually stuck. Help! God feels distant and irrelevant.” If this is you, relax. You are not abnormal, alone or a back sliding heretic. Seasons of spiritual darkness are common, even when… MORE

In September 2007, German politician Gabriele Pauli shocked her conservative party at home and sent waves through news outlets worldwide when she proposed that marriage should only last seven years. The 50-year-old, twice-divorced, motorcycle-riding Pauli campaigned to be the chair of her party with the hopes of institutionalizing “the seven-year… MORE

  “Mary wrapped the baby in cloths and placed him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn.” Luke 2:7 The Advent-Christmas season is full of tradition, memories, and legend. It is also full, often over-full, bustling and bursting with the exhausting activity of keeping… MORE

The most powerful classroom lesson on loving and serving one another was taught in a dimly lit room of a common house in first century Palestine. In the context, a dozen grown men with full stomachs and dirty feet, the night before Jesus died. John tells the story in Chapter… MORE

“Suffering is not an elective but a core course in the school of life.” Anonymous How true that it is! When life happens, when bad news comes and people let us down, how do we go from knowing the Word to living the Word? How do we go from wanting… MORE

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