More than once around 13-14 years of age, I woke up in the middle of the night complaining of pains in my legs. Two of my dad’s older siblings were diagnosed as teenagers with Muscular Dystrophy, so that probably gives you a hint as to the extent of my alarm.… MORE

Summer 2016 will long be remembered not for the 100 degree scorching heat or when the Texas Rangers stayed competitive in a heated pennant race, but when the social rhetoric among a people who claim to be one nation under God went nuclear, when “all hell broke loose.” The ever… MORE

No one told me when I became a dad for the first time I would inherit all of these fears. “Good grief! I am now responsible for keeping this kid alive!” Any dads relate? It is no secret we live in a dangerous world and an ever changing moral culture.… MORE

I love summer! Memorial Day is almost here, school bells are about to ring one last time, the days are growing longer and soon 90 degree plus days will be the rule. Children and youth will flock to pools while parents reminisce about the good old days around burger-laden grills.… MORE

One of the joys of serving as a pastor in the same place for an extended period of time, is watching girls and boys become women and men, new believers become faithful servants of the Lord. My soul overflowed with joy Easter 2016 as many tasted the sweet fruit born… MORE

What is going on? I showed up a little early Sunday Morning because of it being Time Change Weekend and the beginning of Spring Break. Losing an hour of sleep and lighter crowds gathering for Sunday worship usually mean an energy drain for the valiant servants and faithful worshipers who… MORE

“Pastor, I know it’s the season of Lent and I am supposed to draw closer to Jesus but I’m spiritually stuck. Help! God feels distant and irrelevant.” If this is you, relax. You are not abnormal, alone or a back sliding heretic. Seasons of spiritual darkness are common, even when… MORE

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