New Year 2019

Christmas 2018 has come and gone but the impact of lives touched continues. Between the two Family and four Christmas Eve services over 3800 people came through our doors. When considering online viewer ship, True Worth, shop & drop and Santa visits, you helped us share the love and grace of Jesus with over 6,000 people. Praise be to God and thanks be to you!

Thank you to the hundreds of servants who stepped up and showed up to make it all happen. Thank you for inviting your friends and family. Scores of people who were once turned off by the Church and called themselves God skeptics, have a renewed perspective on the Church and an openness to God’s love. I continue to receive emails from guests celebrating your radical hospitality and spot on programming. I am proud to be your partner and friend in ministry.

Thank you also for the generous giving of your tithes and Birthday Gift to Jesus offerings. 2018 was another strong financial year because of your spiritual growth in the area of giving. Our 2018 General fund exceeded our projected income by 15 %, allowing us to expand our efforts to touch lives for Christ, pay down on our building debt and begin two “cash” projects. Very soon, work will begin on updating the upstairs of the ARC and expanding our parking capacity. We have also initiated conversations with an architect and builder on the design and construction of a Worship Center that will have multi-purpose capabilities.

Over $225,000 was received during the month of December for our Birthday Gift to Jesus. These funds will allow us to invest more in our Rio Bravo, Mexico campus, train more international pastors, and expand our local initiatives to feed the hungry, equip the poor and change family legacies.

I never cease to be in awe of or touched by your faithful stewardship. Take delight in knowing that God is honored by your giving and thousands of people near and far are being blessed

It is time to step out of 2018 and into 2019. It is time to learn from yesterday and take deliberate steps towards “God’s Next” for your life. It is time to heal and grow, but that won’t happen unless you take intentional steps.

We are offering a wide variety of Classes and Support Groups to help you. Judy Madden and Jeff Gehle have teamed up to call out some of our very best teachers and facilitators. There is something for everyone!

There is something for those who are not sure about faith, new to faith and seasoned in the faith. Are you ready to get married, hurting emotionally or physically, stuck in a bad habit, ready to get control of your finances? There is something for you. Are you ready to learn more about the Bible, how to practice spiritual disciplines or discover your spiritual gifts? There is something for you as well.

Check out the 21 offerings of Session 1 here: Classes and Support Groups . We will provide two sessions, Spring and Fall (& some Summer classes!), so don’t over commit. Pray, consult with someone who really knows you, pray again, make a choice and sign up. You are one step away from experiencing the healing and Christ centered life for which you long.

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