Sacrificial Love

Call me “Nurse Owen.”  For the past 15 hours, at this writing, my beloved of 39 years has joined the masses in trying to fight off the crud. Unfortunately, a migraine headache has exacerbated her symptoms and intensified her fight. Thankfully Hipaa Laws prevent me from revealing the unpleasant details but she has had quite a time of it, and has needed me constantly at her side. I’m still learning how to love.

Thank you mom and dad for modeling these past 65 years how to love your spouse in plenty and want, in joy and sorrow, in sickness and health as long as you both are breathing on planet earth. I often fall back upon your example and pray Dallas and I are carrying on your legacy of love in such a way that our sons and their wives will discover the true depth of sacrificial love.

Thank you to all the first responders and medical professionals who sometimes walk into the mess of our lives and help patch us up when we are broken, bleeding and deathly ill. You train and train for numerous years. You sometimes pay a high price for an education, enormous dollars and precious time forfeited with your own family. You see us at our worst, naked, unclean, vulnerable and afraid. Your decisions and actions can mean healing or prolonged suffering, life or death. Thank you for your “yes” to a life of healing service.

Thank you most of all to Jesus, who showed us sacrificial love in his living and dying. He left his family to train a motley crew to carry on his legacy of love.  He had no place to call home or a bed to lay his head. He traveled from place to place caring for the diseased and infirmed.

From the leper no one wanted to touch, to the blind beggar who was a nuisance, to the woman who was bleeding to death, to the crazed demoniac scaring the bee jeebers out of everyone, to the hordes of parents who brought their ill children, Jesus entered into the pain of their lives and healed them.  He was patient, confident, kind yet commanding. “Take up your mat and walk!”

But it was on the cross Jesus showed us true sacrificial love. Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, the jury was rigged, the judge was bought off, his friends left when he needed them most. An army of angels stood ready for his command, but he hung there on the cross for the healing of the sins of the world, your sins, my sins.

I woke up this morning with a full calendar of important appointments and tasks. I didn’t have time to be “Nurse Owen,” but as the day comes to a close, though sad Dallas has felt so bad, I am humbled and grateful to practice what so many others have modeled before me, especially Jesus.

Sacrificial love, joyfully, does the dirty work.

Get well soon Babe. I love you.


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