Summer 2019

I still remember  jumping into my car on the last day of school, popping Alice Cooper into the 8 Track and turning up the volume full blast, ‘Schools out for summer.” I know the song has one especially dark, inappropriate line, but all I heard and felt was the hope of having a care, free summer vacation from the toil of school work.

I still look forward to the end of the school year and the beginning of summer but for a totally different reason. I now see summer as a season of exciting change and new beginnings.  I love digging in during the summer months, working the soil of the church for the new thing God wants to do in the coming year.

To that end, I am thrilled to share a few of our 2019 Summer happenings.

Camps  for your children, teens and family

June 17-21, Camp in the City, 1st – 6th grade (Pathway Campus)

June 28- July 2, Oakridge Camp, 5th – 12th grade (Anadarko, Oklahoma)

July 21-24, Family Camp, the Whole Family (Pathway Campus)

Summer Message Series

Beginning June 8-9, we are beginning a study of the book of Colossians. We are going to take a deeper, academic look at this short letter while seeking practical application for what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  Invite your friends and neighbors for this rich study of the scriptures.

Youth space remodel and additional parking

These two projects are scheduled to begin the week of June 3. Completion time has been estimated at 13 weeks.

God has been using Derinda Kohn and her serving team to attract scores of students to our Wednesday night programming. Besides being too small, our current youth space is dated and in need of serious cosmetic repair.   Besides new flooring, paint, and some wall configuration , the AV system will be upgraded, track resurfaced, bathrooms will be overhauled and the stairwell freshened up. At the same time, we are creating 62 new paved parking spaces.

Our very own Kevin and Dana Drake, owners of FPI builders, will oversee the project and thanks to a $600,000 gift, the projects will be paid for in full upon completion.

Worship Center Construction Feasibility Study

We moved into the newly constructed ARC in 2003. It was designed to function as a youth and community center and a temporary contemporary worship space.  Sixteen years later, it is morphed into a full blown worship space that the youth and community use as they can.

Besides reclaiming the ARC for our youth and community outreach, we have been asking God about the timing of finally constructing a 1,000 seat Worship space where every seat provides an excellent worship experience.   After 17 months of prayer, research and intense discussion, your session and executive staff leadership team feel the time is right to ramp up our consideration of this vision.

We have contracted with an architect to being work on preliminary drawings and with a consultant to conduct a feasibility study of our financial capacity to fund a 6-7 million dollar project.  This study has already begun and should be completed for your session’s consideration by August 1st.

Summer Feeding Program

When school lets out, many students in our area will go hungry if someone doesn’t supplement what their family is able to provide. That someone is us through the RED BAG Program. We are partnering again this summer with BISD, the City of Burleson and Promises to provide healthy meals and snacks at no cost to kids age eighteen and younger. You will be helping students have the energy and nourishment needed to be a kid and enjoy “school’s out for summer.”

Most importantly, every summer families move to a new community and they know no one. Please be intentional about meeting your new neighbors and co-workers.  Ask open ended questions. Listen to their story. Help them figure out where to shop, drop off dry cleaning, get a haircut and safe places where their kids can make friends.  When the time is right, invite them to join you for worship and let them know, Pathway Church is always working to make room for one more.

School is almost out for summer, but the work of sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ never takes a vacation.

I am praying for you. Please pray for me.

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