Thanksgiving Blowout: From St. Matthew to Pathway

Sunday, November 23, 2014 – 5:32 PM

For 28 years St. Matthew (soon-to-be Pathway) has gathered the Sunday Night before Thanksgiving at 5:32 PM for an event aptly named the Thanksgiving Blowout. It is a long standing tradition that has served our body well for the election of elders and deacons, sharing an old fashion potluck dinner while engaging in fun and frivolity.

The term “Blowout” came into existence because the delicious food was plentiful and the entertainment was over the top.  Before there was “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent” and “The Voice” there was “The Blowout.”  Before there was Ryan Seacrest, Nick Cannon and Carson Daly there was Judy Madden, Sherri and Chris Sechrist Jerry Wood and many more. And, before there was Kelly Clarkson, Bianca Ryan or Regan James, there was YOU, the people of St. Matthew (soon-to-be Pathway) singing, dancing, and acting, I guess you could call it acting. There was so much laughter, joy, clapping and fun we practically blew out the roof of the building and thus “The Blowout” was born.

Like many St. Matthew (soon-to-be Pathway) traditions “The Blowout” has changed over the years. We no longer gather in an overcrowded Mound Cafeteria for 3 ½ hours sitting on little round stools designed for little people to sit on for less than 30 minutes.  We no longer assemble a make shift sound system and pop in cassette tapes so the singers can sing and the dancers can dance.  We no longer have to suffer through , I mean enjoy,  7 different  7-year-olds all singing “Tomorrow” on the same night back to back to back plus countless amateur, some funny some not so funny, vaudeville like skits.

Yes, much has changed in 28 years but we will still gather this Sunday evening at 5:32 in the ARC to elect elders and deacons, share an old fashion pot luck dinner and engage in fun and frivolity. Here is the Plan for this Sunday Night, November 23.

5:32 Potluck Dinner

6:15 Church Business Meeting (keep on eating)
Elect Elders/Deacons & Construction Update

6:30 Social Media tutorial for the evening, Andrew Dolan

6:35 Emcees Chris Bohon and Josh Fortney

Celebration of and Honor St. Matthew’s History
Celebration and Honor of who we are today
Celebration of the future and becoming “Pathway”
 7:25 Activites
Receive your free Pathway T Shirt  
Selfie Photo Stations for posting on Social Media
Shop the Pathway Store
Tour the Construction Site, write scriptures/prayers on floors/walls  Sign the bible to be placed in the Time Capsule
Fellowship with your St. Matthew/Pathway Church family.
8:00 Depart at your discretion, but we will turn off lights at 8PM.      

Please wear a St. Matthew T-shirt if you have one so you can easily put on your new Pathway shirt for the photo ops. Bring a covered dish and an appetite for some historic fun as we, again, Blow Out the roof by honoring the past, giving thanks for the present and stepping into the future God has prepared.

Connecting people to people and people to God,


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