Wondering with Excitement!

I love Christmas. One of my favorite childhood memories is waking up early Christmas morning, wondering with excitement not only what Santa had left under the tree, but what “trap” my dad had put into place to impede me and my sister’s discovery of Santa’s gifts.  

Dad took great delight in booby trapping the passageway to our Christmas tree with all sorts of noise making obstacles. From pans clanging, bells ringing and canned goods toppling, each step was hindered by some form of harmless but loud obstacle.  Instead of being startled by a Ho Ho Ho, dad’s successful chuckle from the bedroom sent us scurrying back to our beds until the sun peaked over the horizon.

By contrast, we are doing everything we can to clear any obstacle that could impede your friends and family from experiencing the true meaning and joy of Christ’s arrival on planet Earth.  From the parking lot to the chair and back, we want you and your guests to know they are loved by God and following Jesus is a joy filled experience. Life can be hard and complicated. Raising and or living in a family can be stressful, dramatic and highly dysfunctional, but we have a Savior who gets it and willingly enters into our lives to help us navigate the obstacles of life.

To that end, we are striving to create a Christmas Experience that is simple, fun yet meaningful.  That is why we have altered our worship service schedule for this one weekend.

Saturday Night — No Worship

 Sunday Morning — Family Christmas Service, led by Children — 9:30 & 11:30am  ARC (45 minutes each and a Live Nativity)

Christmas Eve (Monday) – 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 ARC • 7:00 Sanctuary (60 minutes each)

Since there will be no worship guides on these dates, Life Steps for the week of December 24th through December 30th can be found online and under the Sermon Notes tab on the Pathway App. Weekend services will resume their regular schedule December 29th and 30th.

I want to thank the hundreds of servants and our church staff who have said “Yes” to serving at least one of our 6 Christmas Eve Services.  I also want to thank those of you are inviting everyone you can to join you. Your sacrificial service is the modern day equivalent of Mary, Joseph and John the Baptist. Your service and invitation will be used by the Holy Spirit to create the possibility of a life changing relationship with Jesus.

We will pass the baskets during our Christmas Eve services to receive your Birthday Gift to Jesus.  If you prefer, we will also have mangers in the Crossing and in the worship space so you can have a family moment, teaching your children that Christmas is Jesus birthday and the way to gift Jesus is by blessing others.

Like I did as a child, I expect I will wake up early on Sunday and Christmas Eve Morning wondering with excitement who is going to show up and what God is going to do.  And thanks to our outstanding servants and staff, I can assure you we will do our part to ensure the passage way to the cradle is clear of any and all obstacles.


For more information about Christmas Worship services click here.

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