“Not again” and a pit in my stomach was my first response when hearing of the tragic shooting in a Sutherland, Texas church. I then began to grieve for the pastor whose 14 year old daughter had been killed. In the midst of his own pain, hundreds will be looking… MORE

“Las Vegas massacre is deadliest shooting in modern US history.” We have read that headline before, different city, same declaration.  Random acts of violence have become an all too common occurrence, Orlando, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Boston, Charlottesville, Nashville and closer to home, Wedgwood Baptist Church. On Sunday, October 1st,… MORE

While watching on television the heroic rescues in the midst of Hurricane Harvey’s fury, the words of an elderly woman who believed she had lost everything touched my soul. “Young man, God has always been in control of my life. Romans 8:28 is engraved on my heart. All things work… MORE

Jesus calls us to serve not martyrdom, in the Church and among our friends and family. We all know what a martyr is. We have all heard the stories of noble courage where heroic women and men pay the ultimate price for their faith in Jesus Christ.  But there is… MORE

As promised: 1. Be involved in your children’s interests. Our children hunger for us to not only watch them participate in their interests, but participate with them. When Jacob was blessing his twelve sons, “He gave each son the blessing appropriate for that individual child” Genesis 49:10 Our children are… MORE

Worship Together, Serve Together, Grow Together “Here we grow again!” I don’t know how many times I have penned that statement in 30 plus years, but I am grateful to be part of a group of people who understand the Church is a living, breathing organism, not a fixed institution.… MORE

Hello Church Family and Community Friends, Many of us woke up Sunday Morning to the tragic news of a shooting that resulted in the death and injury of teenage brothers and another teen being held in custody as a suspect. All three of the teens had connections to our Pathway… MORE

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