Glory to God in the Highest! Unbelievable! Thanks be to God! Pathway people rock! Incredibly Awesome! Exciting! Humbling. Deeply moving. Let’s do this! God, you are amazing! These were some of the many thoughts and emotions pouring out of my being as I witnessed you come forward with your Now… MORE

Now: One More is more than a slogan, it will forever be a marker of a history-making, legacy changing season of Pathway Church. When future generations assemble to celebrate child dedications, baptisms, weddings, funerals and fun on the lawn, they will be standing on your shoulders. They will hear the… MORE

Pray Now: Worship & Prayer Event • Sunday, October 20, 5:30 PM  • In the ARC KidCare will be open and available for children  0 – 5 Years Old Getting married, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, graduation day, someone afraid of heights skydiving for… MORE

If you are currently overwhelmed, over scheduled and exhausted, chances are you are a parent, teacher or coach getting ready for school. You don’t have to be a teacher, coach or parent to feel this way, but most coaches, parents and teachers fit these three descriptors and more this time… MORE

I still remember  jumping into my car on the last day of school, popping Alice Cooper into the 8 Track and turning up the volume full blast, ‘Schools out for summer.” I know the song has one especially dark, inappropriate line, but all I heard and felt was the hope… MORE

My world was rocked a couple of weeks ago when one of my gym buddies suddenly died. Tamara was 52, lean, strong, fit as an Olympian except for the evil beast known as breast cancer. Most people at our gym had no idea she was ill. Her workout routine never… MORE

Hello Church family and friends I am jacked up, fired up, excited and eager for Ash Wednesday to arrive and begin the 2019 season of Lent. God is always working and moving but for some reason, my senses are more heightened and aware of God’s presence during the Lenten season.… MORE

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