Easter 2021

I love Easter.

I love the atmosphere of hope, joy, and fun that permeates the air. I love the excitement and anticipation that something unexpected is about to unfold. I love the laughter and bright smiles of children running freely among a sea of adults. I love seeing grownups act more like children, talking, lingering as they have been stripped of all burdens and cares.

I love the bright colors that match the rosy cheeks of young couples in love and the skin tones of freshly born babies. I love the smiles of seasoned seniors as they drink from the fountain of energy spilling out of the younger generations. I love to witness the minds and hearts of the younger being inspired and expanded by the wisdom of the older.

I love Easter.

I love watching young, creative leaders blossom into seasoned, life-giving veterans. I love watching new believers grow as they serve. I love watching experienced leaders turn back the clock and serve with a fresh enthusiasm even as they pass on their insight developed over years of service.

I love Easter.

I love to feel the floor shake and the walls move because of the vibrations of the gathered masses who are singing at the top of their lungs. I love to hear hands clapping, hearts pounding and shouts of joy spilling out as the darkness is swept away by beaming rays of light. I love to see arms raised, heads nodding, bodies swaying as they bear witness that the tomb is empty.

I love meeting people who don’t believe in God, who are skeptical, who walked away from the church years ago but for some reason were compelled to show up on Easter. I love to connect with people who believe they have ruined their lives and are not worthy of being loved. I love being introduced to those who are searching for a place to belong, a place to heal and grow.

I love Easter.

I love the Monday morning feeling of exhaustion, being totally spent, knowing we gave it everything we had and a little bit more. I love debriefing, receiving critical feedback, and learning how we can get better at honoring God and loving people. I love diving in on Monday and getting ready to do it again because every weekend is Easter!

Most of all, I love the afterglow of having been in God’s presence and witnessing Him touch and move in the lives of his children, young and old.

I love Easter.

Easter 2021 will long be remembered not because it was the first Easter in the house since Covid changed how we worship, not because it is the last Easter in the ARC, not because of the photo booths, egg diving, or the Easter Bunny, not because of the large crowds on-site or online, but because One More experienced the love and grace of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection power of God in their lives. WOW!

So thank you for making Easter 2021 a WOW experience! I love you and am humbled to work alongside you in the service of our Resurrected Jesus.

Christ is Risen! Wow!!

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