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NOW Building Campaign

    May 2021 Update

    The workers who installed the stone on the interior and outside walls are true craftsmen – it looks wonderful and it is a really close match to our existing stone. We have over 570,000 pounds of stone on these walls.

    Four large HVAC system units were recently raised onto the roof with an oversized crane while multiple feet of ductwork is being installed throughout.

    The exterior cross is visible from a distance and expected to be a popular topic of conversation in identifying the location of Pathway.

    Installation of conduit and pipes for electrical wiring, including audio-visual and lighting continues in the worship space and the concourse.

    The new washrooms are taking shape with much progress made during the past month.

    You have NOW given donations and financial gifts over $3.3 million towards a pledge amount of $5.5 million in the NOW one more capital campaign. The cost of the building project is just over $8 million.  There is still time to make a pledge or a gift. You may do this in person, online, or by mail. Please let a staff member know if you have any questions or need additional information.

    We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this time of transition.

    Reclaim the ARC

    After 17 months of prayer, research and intense discussion, your session and executive staff leadership team feel the time is right to ramp up our consideration of this vision of reclaiming the ARC for our youth and community. Read over our case for support to learn more about Pathway’s past, current, and future plans.

    Read the Case for Support and find out more about the Now Campaign. We value your input, feedback, thoughts, and prayers for the future of Pathway, and if you have any questions, please email us at

    How will we get there?

    Our Session leadership has faithfully established an expectation that the entire project is funded through financial pledge commitments made by people who love God and will commit towards giving over the next three years. If you are prepared now to make a pledge please click below.

    Where We've Been

    Pathway Church was born in the hearts of 6 families who saw a need in Burleson for a church family with a unique DNA. Over the past 50 years, two acres has grown to 15 acres and 5 households into almost 3,000. It is impossible to measure the exponential hours of prayer, sacrificial service and financial generosity that has led us to today, but everyone who calls Pathway home, understands it is all because of God’s faithfulness and favor.

    Where We're Headed

    GLORIFY GOD by sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ with as many people as we can, create 1,000,001 people connections, pray they will have an “aha” God experience.

    RECLAIM THE ARC  for our student ministry and service to the community. Sunday through Saturday, seven days a week, we want the ARC to be used for its intended purpose and create a place where students feel loved, valued and a sense of belonging.

    BUILD NEW WORSHIP FACILTY Reclaiming the ARC means moving all of our Contemporary Worship services into a new Worship facility better designed for worship, while still functioning as a gathering place for Community Events during the week.

    How We'll Get There

    We are inviting every Pathway household to pray, asking “God, how do you want to use me “Now” to reach one more with your love and grace?” If every one of us generously invest our time, talents, gifts and financial resources into this “Now” initiative, we can reach and surpass this financial goal. Ultimately the goal has nothing to do with dollars or buildings but changed lives because of an “A-ha” encounter with God’s love and grace.

    Generosity Guide

    Most people want to give to a vision but don’t know how to determine what amount to give. Download our helpful generosity guide that features questions designed to help you make a healthy spiritual decision related to making a pledge gift beyond your regular giving. 


    We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions