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    Pathway College Scholarship information:

    For all other things scholarship, contact Lisa Stokes at Lisa@Pathway.Church

    Pathway Student ministries aim to grow together through the teenager years. We serve together on Sundays, worship together on Sundays, and grow together through our small groups and Wednesday programming. There are also seasonal retreats, bi-weekly community service, and our annual summer camp!

    PLACE is not just another program. It can be a process of self discovery. Through the PLACE process, you and your child can discover that God created you with a unique personality, spiritual gifts, abilities, passions and experiences. Discovering God’s purpose and plan for our lives helps us find our PLACE of service within the body of Christ.

    Now that you know where your grade meets, FIND YOUR PLACE!

    Location: Upper Arc
    Sun. 9:00 Small Groups
    10:25 Serve Together
    11:50 Worship Together

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    9:00 Worship & Serve
    10:25 Serve Together
    11:30 Life After High School in Portable Bldg # 4

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    4:00p - 6:00p
    1st Sunday of the month, except September 10th, February 11th, and April 8th

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    Location: ARC
    Time: Wednesdays
    6th-8th Grade 6:00p -7:30p
    9th-12th Grade 7:00p -8:30p

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