Lent 2020

I loved bedtime as a kid growing up because that meant hearing my dad tell a story featuring me as the central figure. Regardless of the storyline, I always came out the victor or hero. He would paint a vivid picture of a conflict or danger that I entered into with a determined resolve to save those trapped in the struggle. In each story, dad would describe me as having amazing intellect, compassion and supernatural powers. I was Captain America, Superman, Batman and more all at the same time. What kid doesn’t want to fly, solve unsolvable problems and always come out the winner?

Lent is the story of Jesus entering into the struggle of humanity. God sends Jesus to be our hero, our savior, our deliverer, that we might be rescued from the mess of our lives. Our mess is of our own creation, complicated by the spillover from the mess of those we love and those who enter our life story for a cameo appearance.

Lent is the story of Jesus’ final steps towards the cross. He is resolved to crush the head of the serpent that daily poisons our lives with destructive venom. On the cross, Jesus triumphs over both sin and death, so that we might be the victor, the winner over anything and everything that would seek to crush us.

Lent is ultimately the story of grace, Jesus doing for us what we can’t do for ourselves.

Grace is the most compelling concept in scripture and the most challenging to understand. Jesus helps us by telling a series of stories called parables on his journey towards the cross. In each parable, Jesus paints a vivid picture that captures the timeless struggle of humanity and his desire for us to be victors. Each parable is an opportunity for us to learn something about ourselves, Jesus, and the compelling nature of grace.

This year during Lent, we are going to join Jesus on a journey of grace. We will examine 4 parables Jesus told as he relentlessly moved towards the cross. It is my hope you will see yourself in each story and be compelled to drink from the well of grace every day of your life.

Ultimately, Lent is the story of Jesus entering into our lives and inviting us into his story of grace. I hope you will accept the invitation and invite others to do the same.

Ash Wednesday Service
February 26th, 6:30 PM

Lent Message Series Begins:
February 29-March 1

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