I love Easter. I love the atmosphere of hope, joy, and fun that permeates the air. I love the excitement and anticipation that something unexpected is about to unfold. I love the laughter and bright smiles of children running freely among a sea of adults. I love seeing grownups act… MORE

Is the glass half full or half empty? Neither, the glass isn’t large enough to contain all of the blessings God has in store for us! That pretty much sums up my approach to life. My dad taught me years ago, you will never live a positive life with a… MORE

Imagine you and your large family have been separated from each other, against your will, for several months. During the time apart, babies were born, loved ones died, birthdays came and went, life milestones reached and life changing decisions were made. Your family is accustomed to gathering often to celebrate… MORE

Dad and I were driving home from a special gathering where he addressed the parents of troubled teens.  At that time dad was a chaplain at the Gatesville State School for boys, a minimum security prison whose goal was to rehabilitate those seventeen and younger through rigorous education and hard… MORE

I loved bedtime as a kid growing up because that meant hearing my dad tell a story featuring me as the central figure. Regardless of the storyline, I always came out the victor or hero. He would paint a vivid picture of a conflict or danger that I entered into… MORE

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