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Pathway is one church that is not limited to just one location. We believe that we are called to be the church, and you can be part of Pathway Church right where you are.

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Anywhere, Anytime

One of the incredible things about the time we live in is that the Church is not limited by buildings or geography. We love gathering together in person, but that isn’t always possible. Our hope is that Pathway at home gives everyone the chance to worship together, serve together, and grow together, all while connecting people to people and people to God… just virtually!

Online Campus

Our Online Campus is live every Sunday at 9:30 am! Just enter Watch.Pathway.Church into your web browser and join the community. Each message series is available multiple times during the day should you miss the Live service on Sunday. Each week has accompanying Sermon Notes, don’t worry if you miss a week, you can find them all in the archive.

Pathway Online Campus FAQ

Find out all the info about Pathway Church’s online campus and how you can join in the community!

What is Church Online Platform?

Church Online Platform is a web-based platform that enables us to connect with our Online Campus in a real and consistent way in order to experience Pathway Church wherever you are!

Do I have to create a log-in to watch the service?

No, however being able to log-in directly connects you to our Online Community through chat and gives our hosts, prayer team and pastors the opportunity to meet you where you are, no matter how far you are from our physical campus right here in Burleson, TX.

Can I still invite my friends on Facebook?

Absolutely! You can share the link directly to your friends through Messenger or during the worship service you can take advantage of our “Share” Moment that will pop up in the chat window and push the “Invite” button to engage with your friends during service times!

Can I watch on you Facebook or Youtube?

We have moved our Live Streaming Online Campus exclusively to

While we will still have a presence on Facebook and Youtube, they will be bringing new content and exclusive posts for social media about events, in-person serving opportunities and more fun for our Pathway Campuses local and abroad.

Watch for our new content on all of our social media platforms coming soon!

Will I be able to access my Sermon notes?

Each weekend, our sermon notes are available interactively through your Pathway App to follow along with the message. They are located at the bottom of your chat window on the second tab.

New Series

Over the years I have repeatedly been asked some critical questions about God. Is God judgemental? Does science disprove God? Does suffering disprove the existence of God? Is God angry? Whether or not you think there is a hope and meaning attached to existence. Is there some Divine being we can confidently trust or not? Our understanding of who God is impacts us at the most profound, fundamental levels of our lives. Join us as we begin a New Series, “I have questions” as we wrestle with some of the important questions about God and life. 

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