We are a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination, but we are not denominationally driven. Our church government is a structured staff laity partnership. Church members elect elders and deacons who work in concert with our ever growing staff of ministry specialists. A Staff Development Team and Finance Team, composed of lay leaders, work with staff and the church session to ensure best practices are used and spiritual integrity maintained with the resources God has provided, people and money.

Visit THIS PAGE if you like to read our denominational Confession of Faith.  

Our facility resides on 15.3 acres but we are a church without walls. We measure sending capacity not seating capacity, from our own back yard to Ethiopia.

Rick Owen has been our senior pastor for over 30 years. Our four member executive staff leadership team along with our ever growing team of staff members work hard to carry out our values and connect people to people and people to God.  Children, youth, hurting adults, meaningful relationships, outreach, and families are Pathway priorities that are reflected in our staff structure.