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    What does it mean to be a Jesus-follower?  What are Pathway’s beliefs?  How do I grow spiritually?  What about the Bible?  What are “spiritual gifts”?  What are “spiritual disciplines”?  What are my next steps?

    If you are new to Pathway, or have been around some time and would like to go deeper – each month we will have an hour-and-a-half orientation called Pathfinders Class that will answer these questions and more, in order to help you to get onto a spiritual path.

    We will cover information on our beliefs, history of the church, your next steps in getting connected to a small group, baptism information as well as how you can join the church and how you can step into a role of serving.

    Register online now:

    January 9

    February 13

    Check out our Events page to find out when the next class is!