I love summer, especially early mornings as the sun peaks over the horizon. There is a sense of expectancy that something exciting, fun, even great is about to unfold.

As a child, summer was always a season of hope and change. I woke up most every morning with the hope of playing baseball, swimming with my friends and the insatiable male teenager desire to get stronger and faster. Any of you guys remember?

Every two years, summer was a time of change for our family, as we migrated to another city while my dad sought to grow in his calling and career. Moving was always an adventure, but it was also filled with anxiety. How long will it take to make new friends? Will anyone like baseball as much as I do? Will anyone let me play on their team? Will I be home all day with my 3 sisters or will there be some kids my age in the neighborhood who will let me join in? And what about church, will we able to find a place where we all fit in?

Every weekend I am meeting scores of guests joining us for worship whose stories are similar. In the midst of their summer relocation, they are seeking a church home where their children can not only grow in faith, but make friends with whom they can do life. Some are from the DFW area seeking a better quality of life in our community. Many are moving in from out state, far from family and friends, pursing new career paths.

These families show up with a sense of expectancy that maybe “this church” will be a fit. They are hoping to find a place where they are warmly welcomed, children and teens are valued and the presence of God is evident in all they experience.

Get in touch with what you were feeling, thinking, when you first visited Pathway. You didn’t know what to expect, where to park, how to dress, where to get coffee or, most importantly, were the restrooms accessible and clean! Will my kids be safe, have fun, learn anything about Jesus? Will anyone talk to me and will I know when to stand up, kneel, raise my hands, fold my hands or whatever they do in worship?

Three summer time asks:

  • Take a vacation or at least get away for a weekend of family fun. Make forever summer memories. Take in a baseball game, visit a museum, have a cookout. Enjoy summer 2018!
  • Meet your new neighbors, coworkers, parents of the student who just joined whatever summer activity your child is engaged in. Listen to their story and invite them to join you in worship. People are moving into our communities in droves and they are hoping for an invitation.
  • Make worship a summer priority and help us warmly welcome all who enter our doors. Introduce yourself to people you do not know. Greet everyone with whom you have eye contact with a smile and verbal acknowledgement. Keep your eyes open for those who have the look. “I have not been here before and I don’t know where to go.”

Yes, I love summer for all sorts of reasons, but most of all, I love watching you grow as you invite others to experience a life changing, loving relationship with Jesus.

“Connecting people to people and people to God.”




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