Sweet Summertime

I was driving into the church early last week, sunroof open, jamming to the ’80s on Sirius, when “Hot Fun in the Summer Time” by Hall and Oates came on. Instantly I was taken back in time to the summers of my own adolescence. Vivid memories of neighborhood baseball games, capture the flag, and hanging out with friends into the wee hours of the night came rushing back.    High definition images of snow cones on a hot day, sneaking into the city pool after midnight to go skinny dipping, church camp, young love, and family vacations were crystal clear in my mind. 

More than the perfectly captured video, it was the feeling of freedom and renewal.  It was being relieved of the weight of schoolwork, tests, deadlines, sports team obligations like practices, and “volunteer workouts.”  It was the carefree joy of experiencing each day as a gift, hoping while not knowing that something surprisingly wonderful was going to be experienced. 

It was in part what God hoped for when he designed the Sabbath, a day or time to do nothing but live, laugh, and love. 

Summer 2020 was in large part canceled, a casualty of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Gatherings with friends, on-site worship, camps, concerts, sports, vacations, and simple out-to-eat family excursions came to a screeching halt.  There was little “Hot Fun in the Summer Time” in 2020. 

So I want to encourage you to enjoy the gift of Summer 2021.  Schedule some Sabbath time. Schedule a family vacation, spend a weekend at the lake, go fishing, take long walks, and listen to fun music. Stay up late at night watching old movies, eating popcorn, and looking at the stars, then sleep in the next morning.   Set up your family to have days where you wake up with the carefree joy of seeing life as a gift, hoping and expecting something surprisingly wonderful is going to be experienced. 

And while you are experiencing “Hot Fun In the Summer Time,” worship, be generous with your giving, read your bible, do your life steps and pray.  Deepen your existing relationships and be open for God’s moments to create new relationships. Listen to their story and look for permission to share your own.   Connecting to the One More and connecting the One More to God is not just a catchy church phrase, it is a lifestyle, even in the summer. 

I am praying for you. Please pray for me. 

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