Every nation, every organization, every business, every marriage, every family rises and falls on leadership. Leadership guru John Maxwell coined a version of that phrase over 30 years ago and it is especially true for the Church.

Jesus is the great head, the great leader of the Church. He is our commander in chief, our captain and coach. He is our guide and counselor, our visionary and teacher our source of existence and the foundation upon which everything we believe stands. Without him we are nothing. With him, anything is possible.

Jesus saw fit to call out 12 ordinary humans upon which to build His Church. They were not saints, spiritual giants or examples of divine perfection, but 12 down to-earth imperfect people in whom he sowed the reality of the Kingdom of God. 50 days after this resurrection, God filled the 12 with the power of the Holy Spirit and the Church was born.

The Church is over 2,000 years old, but November 7, 2023 marks the 52 nd birthday of Pathway Church. If there is anything good or enduring about Pathway Church it is solely because of the visionary, grace filled, servant leadership of Jesus himself.

But much like Jesus called out the 12, for 52 years God has called out elders and deacons upon which to build this little outpost of the one true Church called Pathway. If everything rises and falls on leadership, then it is absolutely true we would not still be thriving without the servant leadership of these ordinary people who love God with all of their heart, soul and mind.

Nine elders serve on the session for a three year period and nine deacons serve on the diaconate for the same. Elders seek God’s vision for our future while the deacons pave the way after the direction has been set. Every three years, three rotate off and three rotate on. They are prayerfully nominated and vetted through a 7 month process by a nomination team and your church session, then elected by you in a congregational meeting.

Please join me in thanking the 6 and their families who will rotate off December 31, 2023. Express your gratitude for their courageous and faithful leadership. Pray for each of them as they seek God’s direction for where and how they will next be used to serve and build the Lord’s Church.


David Eder, Dee Dee Harp, Trent Keeton


Kendall Frazier, Jeff Ogden, Jason Wallace

As well, it is my privilege to present to you the class of 2024 (see above). Please read their bios in this month’s newsletter.

Yes, everything rises and falls on leadership. Thank you God for the amazing lay leaders you have provided over the course of our 52 years!

I am praying for you. Please pray for these women and men.



— Rick


Senior Pastor

Married to Dallas 43 years, three sons: Justin, Jacob, James, three daughters-in-law: Lara, Summer, and Corinne, three granddaughters: Lennyx, Dallas Ruth and Saylor and one grandson: Ryder and 5 grand-dogs. He is a son, brother, sports enthusiast, cross-fitter, lover of life, people, especially youth and children, and most of all, a sinner saved by grace.