Saturdays were designated as chore day in my childhood home. From stem to stern, we straightened up, put up, and cleaned up. Everyone knew their job and the importance of doing it well in a timely way. The first one finished was not released to pursue personal pleasures but given the opportunity to come alongside someone else in the family and help them.When all lists were complete, we came together to celebrate the satisfaction of living in a house that was clean and tidy and well-loved. Sometimes that meant a snack or a trip to Baskin Robbins, Dad’s treat. Sometimes, that meant the surprise announcement that company was coming over. It always meant a huge shout-out of thanks from Mom and Dad topped off with strong bear hugs of appreciation.

From an early age, it was instilled within us the values of hard work, sacrifice,
helping and taking care of our home as if we were expecting company to knock on
the door at any moment.

Easter is upon us, and that means company will be knocking on the door. From the
parking lot to the chairs, attendance will more than double on Easter weekend. That
means we are expecting over 3,000 people, many of whom have never been to church, don’t believe in God, or left the faith because of a painful experience, will be walking through our doors.

Praise be to God!

In the newsletter, you will find numerous opportunities to get ready for our
Easter company. There is a serving opportunity for everyone, so get rested up,
prayed up, and ready for the One More.

Get ready to invite, invite, and invite some more. Get ready to welcome unfamiliar
faces. Be ready to scoot down the row to make room for One More. Be ready to
give up your regular seat so someone far from God can have a primo experience.
Be ready to park farther away from the building so guests can have easy access.
Be ready to sing and praise God so first-timers will experience the joy and power
of the resurrection through your joy-filled worship.
Get ready. Company is coming!

And when everyone has returned to their personal homes and family gatherings,
while the shouts of “He has Risen!” still echo in an empty building, right before
you lay down your tired body and close your eyes, be sure you listen for the grateful voice of your Risen Savior himself,

“Well done, my good and faithful

Get ready. Company is coming!



Senior Pastor

Married to Dallas 43 years, three sons: Justin, Jacob, James, three daughters-in-law: Lara, Summer, and Corinne, three granddaughters: Lennyx, Dallas Ruth and Saylor and one grandson: Ryder and 5 grand-dogs. He is a son, brother, sports enthusiast, cross-fitter, lover of life, people, especially youth and children, and most of all, a sinner saved by grace.