Imagine being one of Santa’s Elves this time of year. Some are busy traveling with
Santa listening to wistful hopes and dreams of God’s littlest and most innocent
creatures on Earth. Some of those little creatures are excited, some are afraid to
sit in Santa’s lap, but they all eventually come to love Santa. They come to have a
relationship with Santa. Their eyes eventually become a reflection of Santa’s, full of joy, peace, hope and love.

Other Elves remain at the North Pole using their various gifts. Some use their gift
of administration to receive and organize all of the requests. Some use their gift of measuring and cutting and assembling.

Some use their creativity to decorate
and package. Others dance and sing to lift the spirits and encourage those who
labor getting ready for the big delivery.

They all have different roles, but their mission is the same, to serve the heart of

Santa, to make sure Santa gets to every town, on every continent, so that every
child in every home knows they are valued, important and loved. To give every
family a taste of the abundant life, of what is possible 365 days of year. Not the
receiving of gadgets and gizmos, but the experience of joy, peace, hope and love.

When you and I say yes to Jesus, we don’t sign up to be an elf, but a disciple.
Disciples use their gifts to serve the heart of God and the heart of God is that
every person on this earth be in a relationship with Him through his Son Jesus.
His heart is that every family know the abundant life. The life that is full of joy,
peace, hope and love.

Please find a place to serve during this Advent season. Not just because your help
is needed. Not just because others will be blessed, experience a taste of the
abundant life, or one more and one more and one more might get connected to
the person of Jesus. And not just because when you serve you will grow. But
because when you serve for all of the above reasons with a willing heart and an
eager Spirit, you are serving Jesus himself. You are washing His feet. You are
embodying the heart of God himself,
“For God so loved the world that he gave………….”

I am praying for you. Please pray for me.

Merry Christmas!


Senior Pastor

Married to Dallas 43 years, three sons: Justin, Jacob, James, three daughters-in-law: Lara, Summer, and Corinne, three granddaughters: Lennyx, Dallas Ruth and Saylor and one grandson: Ryder and 5 grand-dogs. He is a son, brother, sports enthusiast, cross-fitter, lover of life, people, especially youth and children, and most of all, a sinner saved by grace.